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About Us
Business Description
SENDGIFTS.COM is a leading e-service business focused on serving the multibillion-dollar business and consumer gift market. This highly fragmented market is consistently among the top four online commerce categories along with travel, entertainment, and computers-electronics.

SENDGIFTS.COM, based in Princeton, NJ, is a private company with a eight-year operating history, sound financials, a superior management team, and thousands of very satisfied customers.

Founded in 2001, SENDGIFTS.COM uses a unique business model that incorporates a network of the finest specialty merchants who have been selected to partner with SENDGIFTS.COM to fulfill gift orders locally. This model allows customers to send a unique and high-quality gift selection nationwide.

With more than 80 category-specific eCommerce web sites, SENDGIFTS.COM differentiates itself by creating and partnering with networks of local specialty retailers and service providers for gift fulfillment. This true "click and mortar" partnership model leverages the existing sales channel's infrastructure, which gives SENDGIFTS.COM an unmatched level of flexibility and scalability -- without the capital requirements of inventory, etc.

Complementing its broad network of sites and extensive product line is SENDGIFTS.COM'S unparalleled customer service experience. With its user-friendly site design, extensive product line, secure online purchasing system, and prompt delivery, SENDGIFTS.COM is applying innovative technologies to create state-of-the-art operating systems. In 2001, SENDGIFTS.COM implemented MerchantLink, a proprietary software program which allows merchant partners to instantly process orders directly from the Web, and enables them to print out personalized gift cards and shipping information with the click of a button.

A gift from SENDGIFTS.COM makes a great impression. For full details on SENDGIFTS.COM's network of sites and product line, visit the website at or call 800-393-2181.
Retail Partners

SENDGIFTS.COM has established relationships with leading local and national retailers to fulfill its extensive product line.

If you are a retailer and would like to join SENDGIFTS.COM's exclusive network, please contact us at the email address and/or telephone number listed below:

Unique Business Model
The company's business model incorporates a nationwide network of hand-selected merchants who provide fulfillment of SENDGIFTS.COM's gift experiences.

This "clicks-and-mortar" model gives customers access to a unique offering of virtually unlimited inventory and fast, local delivery.

SENDGIFTS.COM's virtual network caters to online consumers looking for the convenience and simplicity of buying quality gifts from a single, trusted gift site destination versus the more complex and time-consuming process of shopping at multiple retail destinations, both offline and online.