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Gift Basket
Create your own custom basket using any of our fine wines or liquors, and add any assortment of goodies and treats to create the perfect basket for your occasion.

If there are any other items you wish, please indicate them in the additional comments box during checkout!

Not all items available in all areas. We reserve the right to substitute for items of equal or greater value.

Add Bottles To Your Baskets (up to three bottles)

2.Select up to three bottles for your basket. You may select bottles from different categories (above)

Bottle 1
Bottle 2
Bottle 3

Add Gourmet Foods, Glasses & Accessories To Your Basket

Gourmet Foods
  • Biscotti $6.50
  • Biscuits $8.00
  • Caviar-Shelf Stable $20.00
  • Cheese $9.00
  • Cheese Sticks/Snacks $8.00
  • Chips $6.50
  • Chocolate Box $18.00
  • Chocolate Bars/Choc Snacks $10.00
  • Coffee $12.00
  • Cookies $8.00
  • Crackers $8.00
  • Jams/Preserves $7.50
  • Mustards $7.50
  • Nuts $12.00
  • Pasta $7.00
  • Pasta Sauces $10.00
  • Pâté/Spreads $14.00
  • Popcorn $5.50
  • Pretzels $5.50
  • Olives $12.00
  • Olive Oils $16.50
  • Salsa $9.00
  • Sausages $8.00
  • Tea $8.00
  • Viinegars $15.00
Glasses & Accessories
  • 2 Champagne Flutes $25.00
  • 2 Margarita Glasses $18.00
  • 2 Wine Glasses $20.00
  • 2 Scotch Glasses $20.00
  • 2 Shot Glasses $12.00

Order Total

Gift baskets are a popular choice for both personal and business gifts. At, we offer a large selection of business gift baskets for men & women and many other gourmet gifts. The selection is designed to offer something for everyone. However, there are times when you want something a bit more personal. We can help with custom gift baskets.

A custom gift basket contains items handpicked by you to fit the occasion and personality of the recipient. With our user friendly system, you can create a unique personalized flower gift basket for a wedding or business gift baskets for men & women, as well as gourmet gifts for any other occasion. You decide which of our fine wines and liquors to use in your custom gift baskets and add other treats or gifts to fill the basket.

Choose from a list of gourmet foods and glasses to build your custom basket. Some of our gourmet foods available are biscotti, caviar, cheese, chocolates, cookies, pasta and sauces. We offer champagne flutes, margarita glasses, wine glasses and shot glasses to fit our large selection of wines and liquors. Simply check the foods or glasses you want to add to your basket from the list and we will create custom gift baskets to your exact specifications.

Your loved ones and business partners will be delighted to receive custom gift baskets that contain their favorite wines, along with delicious gourmet gifts and quality champagne and wine glasses. Whether you are looking for a personalized flower gift basket for a wedding or business gift baskets for men & women business associates, our custom gift baskets are always appropriate and personal.