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Frequently Asked Questions

Caviar lovers describe the taste of Caviar as a breath of fresh clean ocean air. It has a consistency of butter and melts in your mouth.

We have the finest selection of exquisite caviar gifts. Peruse our site for Russian caviar, Iranian caviar, American varieties, Casplan Malossol caiar and more.

We recommend our caviar samplers, exclusive gift varieties for caviar, caviar servers and presentoirs; foiegras pate and more.

How long does caviar last?
Caviar is to best enjoyed fresh. However, unopened, it will last 1 month if you follow storage directions. Opened, it is best to eat it within 24 hours.

How to serve it?-Service and accompaniments
Serve the caviar directly out of refrigeration in small portions or for larger portions place the container directly over ice. You may also place the entire tin inside a presentoir. Do not remove the caviar from the tin as it will damage the eggs. It may be served alone or with blini & crème fraîche or on lightly grilled melba toast.

How do I keep caviar fresh?
Refrigerate between 32 & 36 degrees Fahrenheit - DO NOT FREEZE.

What is the average serving portion?
Fifty grams per person is the very least to serve as a meal. If serving as an appetizer, 30 grams per person should suffice.

Which caviar is best?
This is a matter of taste. Beluga is the most prized of all caviar due its extraordinarily smooth buttery taste. However many caviar connoisseurs prefer the Ossetra for its wonderfully complex taste usually described as nutty or fruity. Sevruga is somewhat in the middle - milder than the Ossetra but more intense than the Beluga. Caviar is a delicacy and many people acquire the taste after trying several varieties.

How do I serve?
To serve, it is important that you use spoons that will not interact with the delicate flavor of caviar. We suggest special coated spoons, such as tortoise shell,, ivory or mother-of-pearl. Avoid metals except for gold, which does not affect the flavor.

Can caviar be frozen?

What additives are present in the foie gras?
Salt, pepper & either port or almognac are sparingly added in order to maintain the products' original purity.

What is the taste difference between duck and goose foie gras?
The goose liver combines sweetness & delicacy; duck liver generally offers more flavor & character.


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