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Caring For Your Leis

Fresh Flower Leis can last longer if they are properly cared for. Please do not leave leis in warm, dry air where they can wilt. A cool refrigerator would be the best place to put them, but where unavailable, leis can be cooled by lightly wrapping them in a damp towel or paper towel and keeping them in a cool, breezy place.

Carnation Leis: Carnations last longer than most lei flowers. They will last for several days if kept in the refrigerator and cared for properly. Sprinkle the lei with cool water, wrap lightly in thin cloth or paper towel and keep in refrigerator.

Vanda Orchid Leis: Sprinkle lightly with cool water. Do not wrap. Keep in refrigerator.

Plumeria Leis: Sprinkle with cool water and keep in refrigerator. Plumeria leis are very fragrant, but extremely fragile and may not hold out during shipping.

White/Yellow Ginger Leis: Sprinkle with cool water, wrap lightly and keep in refrigerator.

Maile Leaf Leis: To preserve freshness, dampen the lei slightly and keep cool. Maile leaves are fragrant and can be later dried out to be used to freshen linen and closets.

Maunaloa Style Leis: Lightly sprinkle with cool water, keep in refrigerator. Do not wrap.

Tuberose Leis: Do not sprinkle. Wrap very lightly in wax paper and keep dry in the refrigerator.

Pikake Leis: Do not sprinkle. Loosely place in a plastic bag with holes or wrap in wax paper. Keep dry in refrigerator.

Kika or Cigar Flower Leis: Do not sprinkle. Loosely place in a plastic bag with holes and keep dry in the refrigerator.


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