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Bushmills Irish Whisky 1608 Anniversary Edition 92PF 750ml


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Bushmills was first granted their license to distill 400 years ago this year (2008) and so have released the limited-edition 1608 to mark the anniversary. Distilled with crystal malt—a special malted barley called crystal because of its bead-like appearance. Regardless of whether its crystal or diamond cut, this whisky still delivers the exceptional smoothness and sweet toffee-like notes you expect from Bushmills. Creamy and mouthfilling with lots of raspberry and currant fruit, this is a great Irish whisky for the collector. A blend of three different types of whiskey—malt whiskey, grain whiskey, and a third component which is said to be a malt whiskey produced from crystal malt. Brewers and homebrewers will know crystal malt well, being a slightly caramelized version of malted barley. Its rich texture suggests a decent malt content for a blend. Layers of sweetness (honeyed vanilla, rummy molasses, toasted marshmallow) are balanced by toasted nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Very dynamic and with plenty of grit. Smartly bottled at 46% ABV. Advanced Malt Advocate Magazine rating: 90 Points

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