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Cardinal 15 Year 80° Calvados (France) 750 ml


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A smooth and vibrant brandy distilled from apple cider.Fruity, youthful blend of two- and three-year old Calvados from the Pays d’Auge Calvados appellation controlée. After harvest the apples are pressed and fermented for 1-3 months. The resulting juices undergo a double distillation in copper stills. Unlike other styles of Boulard Calvados, which are aged in small oak barrels, Boulard Chefs’ Reserve is aged in large oak casks called “muids.” The purpose here is to mute the wood notes in favor of the natural apple aromas and flavors sought for recipe use.
Color: A deep, vibrant gold; Bouquet: Fragrant aromas of apples, dried fruit and subtle suggestions of gingerbread; Taste: Pure flavor of freshly picked apples. Notably smooth on the palate