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Polka Dot Sweets Tower for Valentines


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Happy Valentines Day! This Heights Of Love Valentine Sweets Tower is sure to please your favorite person on this most celebratory of holidays.
Sweet polka dots and stripes on the outside, even sweeter on the inside. Dotted with old-fashioned candies that will make your mouth water and your heart skip a little nostalgic beat, weve loaded this tower to the brim. Memorable candies include chocolate covered cream mintees, soft raspberries, nordic sea shells and Swedish forest berries.
This gift includes:

Mintees: Chocolate-covered creams (8 oz)

Swedish Forest Berries (16 oz)

Soft Raspberries (8 oz)

Nordic Sea Shells (16 oz)

Basket Dimensions: Width: 11.5 Height: 5 Length: 11.5