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Bollinger, Grande Année Rosé, France, Champagne, sparkling wine, 750ml


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With Bollinger, Rosé champagne is first and foremost a Grande Année wine. It is therefore only produced from a great vintage when grapes have reached a perfect maturity and an excellent balance between the acids and sugars. The Bollinger Grande Année remains, however, a blended wine from crus and grape varieties. In this sense, it too carries the expression of the House style. However, in this case, the style is also dependent on the characteristics of the particular great vintage.

The Grande Année Rosé is the result of the blend between about ten barrels of Grande Année and some coteaux champenois rouges (still red wine from Champagne coming from the great village of Aÿ). This addition of red wine to the blend will give the wine the rosé colour as well as subtle fruit aromas, extra body and richness.