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Lextravagant Doisy Daene Sauternes (375ml) Bordeaux 2005


item L'extraDoisy2005


Desserts. These are an extreme extension of category 1 in the sense they are sweet dishes paired with off-dry or sweet wines. Virtually all desserts are sweet. Even lemon or rhubarbs tartness is balanced by adding more sugar. Another factor is that there is not a lot of salt added to desserts. On the red side the general rule of thumb is to serve dessert wines that are sweeter than the dessert. This is because they are all acid balanced. This acid will become more pronounced when you have a sweet dessert. If the dessert wine is sweeter than the dessert you dont notice the change in the wines acidity as much. Many times it is assumed that a sweet wine will combine with the sweetness of the dessert but actually it is just the opposite. The wine will generally be perceived as less sweet or crisper.