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Love from California 6 Pack


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Theres no need to spend $20 and up for a quality everyday wine! Anyone can pick a good bottle of wine at $40 or $110. The challenge is to taste and pick wines in the $10 range and select a winner.

Wine Sommeliers scour the wine growing regions in California to pick you wines that are not just delicious but provide awesome value. When you pick our suggested wines you or your recepient wont be dissapointed.
Please note that due to the popularity of this product, we reserve the right to substitute like wines and vintages
* Cocetti Napa Chardonnay (1 bottle) * Tatto Merlot (1 bottle)
* Adler Fels R R Sau Bl (1 bottle)
* Meridian Cab/Shiraz(1 bottle)
* Lauriana Sauvignon Blanc North Coast (1 bottle)
* Coyote Creek Cabernet (1 bottle)